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Bonus content! We are happy to host the Greetings From Nowhere live show from the Pride48 Live Streaming Event. 

Christina & Nicole are dear friends of ours and we miss their show dearly. I hope you enjoy their show as much as we do!

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Captain Scott & Cindy are back and we’re LIVE! It’s our seventh year of the Pride48 Live Streaming Event! We talk RuPaul’s Drag Race on TV, Wonder Woman at the cinema and the shows we are doing at local theatre! Don’t forget the live Mystery Musical! We are so proud to be a part of the Pride48 community!

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Captain Scott & Cindy are back after a lengthy absence. We mainly talk about the theatre that has been keeping us away from you. There’s a Mystery Musical entry! We prepare you for our appearance in the Pride48 Live Streaming event on June 25th!

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